10 Tips How To Sell With Facebook


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TrekkSoft sell on Facebook 10 tips

10 tips how to sell your vacation incentives with Facebook

Since travel content is so widely shared on Facebook (who doesn’t want to show their friends where they’re travelling?!) having a presence as vacation or incentive company is an integral part of your marketing strategy. But what people want to know is how to sell with Facebook.

Here are 10 ways to use the world’s number one social network to sell your product…

1. Have a strategy

There’s no point being on Facebook if you don’t have a strategy. This can be an novel or simply a one-pager. When writing it, ask yourself questions like ‘What do I want from Facebook?’, ‘What is my return on investment – how will I know if it’s working?’ and ‘How am I going to do this – who is going to own it?’. Once you answer these questions you can put a plan in place and this will form your strategy.

2. Have a content calendar

If you don’t have a content calendar, it’s so easy to forget about posting on Facebook. If you don’t post on Facebook regularly, it’s very difficult to discover if it’s working for you or not. If you don’t know if it’s working, but you still post, you’re essentially wasting your time. Have a content calendar in place and stick to it.


3. Have the right type of page

This might seem obvious, but the number of businesses that have Facebook accounts that have ‘friends’ and not ‘likes’ is startling. If you’re one of these businesses, you need to migrate your page from a ‘profile’ to a ‘page’. To do this visit this page. Until you do, you won’t be able to see where your Facebook fanbase is from, what gender they are, when they’re online and more.

4. Use great imagery

You’re a tour and/or activities company which means you must have great images. Nothing will sell your product more than a good photo. They’re what make people go ‘I want to be there, doing that’. When sharing content make sure it has strong imagery. Also, make sure to have a strong cover photo and profile picture too.


5. Use Facebook Insights and analyze the data

Facebook has been offering insightful data for years now for free (Twitter only introduced it earlier this year). The data they offer will help you perfect your Facebook marketing. The information given will tell you when to post, what type of content people like the most, where your audience is from and more.

6. Try Facebook advertising

Facebook’s advertising platform can be tricky, but it’s one that anybody using it for marketing purposes needs to use. In recent times Facebook have employed a ‘pay to play’ strategy, meaning unless you’ve already got a quarter of a million page likes, you’re not going to see any traction unless you pay them to show your content. But the great thing is that you can experiment for any budget.  If you are, just make sure you spend a bit of time on the ads, and on the targeting. The last thing you want to do is spend money serving a piece of content to the wrong audience.


7. Keep up to date with the news

Facebook change their algorithm like the weather. As a result, you need to keep up to date with everything that’s going on. To do this, check websites like Allfacebook.com regularly. Better still, check the Facebook Newsroom on a regular basis to see what’s new.

8. Experiment with video

If you use Facebook a lot, you’ll have noticed that there are a lot of videos in your feed. This is because they play automatically, so whether or not the user wants to consume your content, they’re consuming it. If it’s good enough, they’ll continue to consume it until the end, thus receiving your message. Video is key to marketing on Facebook at the moment – get involved before the bubble bursts.

9. Optimise your page

What’s the number one search term you’d like to show up for in Google? ‘Premium Trips & Tours’ maybe? Or is it ‘Heavenly Honeymoons’?  Whatever it is, make sure those keywords are on your Facebook page in the ‘About’ section. While you’re at it, make sure you use the tabs available to you, try to have your reviews prominent, share content in other languages to relevant audiences and be meticulous when it comes to grammar – nothing looks worse than a spelling mistake.


10. Run competitions

When it comes to Facebook, there’s one thing that people love – free stuff. Ask them to hit like on a post to enter a contest, or comment on a photo for a free trip and they’ll do it. In the process, they’ll get you incremental page likes and bring your page to a wider audience. If you’ve got stuff to give away, give it away!  Build excitement and trust so people can get to know you!


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Market Your Business For FREE!

The idea of marketing a home business may scare some people, simply due to the perceived high costs involved with home business advertising. However, there are plenty of ways to promote your home business without breaking the bank. Here are just a few:
1. Get Free Press
Any time your home business has some type of accomplishment or sponsors a contest or event, try to think in terms of newspaper articles, etc. Use any and every fitting opportunity to send an article to the local newspaper, mentioning your home business and home business related happenings. Make the home business article short and concise, and always include a picture, because this will draw more eyes toward your home business.
2. Make Use of Free Classified Ads
Many websites, even locally, offer free classified advertisements for your home business. Although this takes a little time and effort for the home business owner, it might be an effective way to advertise your home business, especially if your home business is conducted through the internet.  Try Craigslist.org to start!
3. Link Up with A Similar Business
You may want to spend some time scouring the internet for a business that is similar to yours. Obviously, you will not want a business that is in competition with you, but rather, look for a business that caters to the same type of customers. Then, talk to the  owner and see if he or she might be willing to place a link to your web site on his or her site. In addition, you will also put a link for their business on your web site. In this way, each can help the other to gain more customers, without incurring any cost.
There are plenty of ways to advertise without spending a penny. The best marketing tool you have is your mind!  With creative strategies and ideas, any home business owner can garner a lot of attention to the home business without needing a lot of extra cash to do so.
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Get Started With Google Ad Words


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How to Use Google AdWords: Buying Keywords on Google

AdWords is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform and its main source of revenue. In the AdWords paid search advertising model, advertisers can bid on the keywords they want to trigger their sponsored ads that appear in the search engine results page (SERP). When you use Google AdWords, Google decides which ads are displayed and in what position based on each user’s maximum bid and Quality Score.

how to use google adwords for free, use google keywords

Quality Score is determined by a number of factors:

  • Relevance of ad copy
  • Relevance of the ad to its corresponding landing page
  • The ad’s click through rate (CTR)
  • Historical account performance
  • Other relevance and performance factors

The single most important factor in using Google AdWords effectively is relevance.

Why is relevance so important?

Google want to connect searchers with advertisements that match their search query and help them find what they are searching for. Google rewards advertisers who have tight, relevant groupings with higher Quality Score.

A higher Quality Score gives advertisers better AdWords ad positions, and more impressions as a result. Improved Quality Score also lowers your cost-per-click, making it a key factor to focus on.

You can improve your Quality Score by implementing a focus on relevance into you campaigns. This means having relevance:

how to use google adwords to generate leads, how to use google adwords for free

  • Between text-ads and your keywords
  • Among the keywords in each of your ad groups
  • Between your advertisement and its corresponding landing page

A higher Quality Score equates to more impressions at lower costs, lowering your cost per click and cost per action.

This might seem like a lot to keep track of, but search advertising on Google AdWords doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A PPC management system is a unique tool specifically designed to help advertisers use Google AdWords effectively through simplifying and improving the PPC marketing processes so that you can maintain high Quality Scores and collect search-driven profits.

How to Use Google AdWords: Keyword Discovery and Grouping

Before you can have relevance between your keywords, you need to first generate a list of keywords for your Google AdWords campaign. While you could use the Google keyword tool to begin your keyword research, it’s inherently limited. When you use the Google AdWords keyword tool, you get results based on global search data, not on the effectiveness of these terms as directly applied to your website, so brainstorm!

Once you have your keyword list, you’ll want to segment your keywords into manageable, tightly related groups. It can be daunting to look at extensive keyword lists and try to determine the optimal number of keyword groups and how to create keyword groups for maximum relevance. But it’s essential to do this– forming well-structured ad groups is a key component in learning how to use Google AdWords effectively.

use google adsense, use google analytics

How to Use Google AdWords: Writing Clickable Text Ads

When you are creating ad text, you want your ads to have a clear, compelling message. Make sure your ad is relevant to your keyword and landing page, and be sure to include a call to action as well!

The text ad generator tool automatically populates the fields of your Google ad with the most popular and relevant keywords in your ad group, helping you hone in on keywords and phrases that will appeal to your potential customers.

We hope this has given you some helpful information on getting started with Google AdWords!

Top 25 Ways To Advertise For Free


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Don’t skip out on marketing because you think you can’t afford it. You can’t afford NOT to advertise!  Try these budget-friendly ideas to build your business.

1. Get promotional business cards made by a discount printing service. Leave them everywhere, hand them out to everyone. The business cards should offer a specific discount or coupon code to be used on your website or in your store. (Track how many are used.)  We recommend VistaPrint.com (google their promo codes before you buy to save even more!)

2. Collect e-mail addresses and send out e-mail newsletters, promotions, or updates (depending on your customers and what they’ll like). The only cost is your time!  Try MailChimp to get started, or aWeber if you really want to get crazy!

3. Donate your products or travel incentives s to a charitable event.  They can use them as auction items or stuff the in gift bags that go to all the attendees!

4. Get a magnetic sign made for your company car. For the one-time cost of the sign, your business name will be on display everywhere you drive. (Don’t cut people off, haha.)

5. Hire a teenager to stand by the road and hold up your sign. You’ll invest in the cost of the sign plus minimum wage for a couple of hours a day, during the busiest traffic time. See if you can’t get one new client for each day of sign-holding.

6. Wear a T Shirt  Advertise your website or business with a catchy t-shirt people can ask you about!

7. Offer a free class or seminar, print up a flyer and put that flyer up at every community bulletin board you can find in the area. These bulletin boards are free, and will promote educational seminars and classes.

8. Go to any community event and give away balloons. Have them printed with your business name.  Happy kids with a free balloon equals happy parents. Happy parents can become happy customers.

9. Donate magazines and books to any business with a waiting area (doctor, dentist, government offices, so on). Make sure your business address label is on the front, or stamp the inside cover with your business name and information.

10. Contribute expert articles to local publications. Contact the editor to get started; write an article so they can see your writing style and that you know what you’re talking about, and share your credentials so they know you’re qualified.

11. Create tip sheets on your area of expertise; this could be a one or two-sided piece of paper filled with helpful tips from you, the expert. Put your logo and business information somewhere on there, of course. People like reading tips, and they like getting free stuff.

12. Set up a listing for your business in search engine local directories. Google and Bing both offer a free listing for local businesses. To get listed on Google, go to Google My Business.

13. Create a referral program for your existing customers; they get a free product or coupon or reward of some kind for every new customer they send your way.

14. Send hand-written thank you notes. Include a X dollars off your next purchase coupon. 

15. Send hand-written “We Miss You” notes. Review your “best customer” list and contact the ones you haven’t seen or heard from in a while.

16. Hold a contest; it doesn’t have to directly relate to your business. It could be something seasonal, like a “Karaoke Christmas Carol Contest.”

17. Participate in local contests by donating your product or service as a prize.

18. If you’ve got great office, warehouse or retail space, allow community organizations and non-profits to use it for events in exchange for doing a demo of your product or service.

19. Participate in online forums related to your business. Offer helpful advice, solutions and insight. Don’t spam. Don’t pitch. Just be helpful.

20. Hang out where “your people” hang out. Know your target market? Know where they hang out? You should be there. Meet people. Talk. Be a cool person.

21. Write good reviews for local businesses. Local businesses love positive reviews, and the more they have on the Internet, the better. So help out your local businesses by being a good customer, then getting online and writing about your experiences. You’ll gain favor from your fellow business owners and potential customers who are researching local businesses will keep seeing your name pop up.

22. Go over-the-top with your holiday sales. Christmas, Black Friday, St Patricks Day, Groundhog Day – make a game out of offering a special deal on every holiday!

23. Set your business profile or page up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Be sure your business profile includes a good description, keywords and a link to your website.

24.  Put videos of your product or service on YouTube and other video-sharing and slide-sharing sites.

25.  Use other people to sell your product or service. Instead of (or in addition to) selling your products yourself, look for affiliates, resellers or people who will generate leads for you in return for a commission on sales. Be sure your pricing structure allows for the fees or commissions you will have to pay on any sales that are made.

Success Selling From Home – Matt’s Story


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Hi there! My name is Matt Heard, and I am one of the marketing specialists at work here with Vacation Incentives Unlimited.  You might be surprised to learn that I while I have been with this company for 6 years now, I started out just like you – as a RESELLER! Because of my unique qualifications, I’m going to show you how this unique opportunity can literally take your income from Zero to $100’s per day.

No MLM, no scams, no storing product in your garage. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is a REAL opportunity that truly works every day because a real company with live people offers a real service, and has been doing this for over 15 years! Believe me, I work here!

Handsome guy working with tablet in office

Me at the office

Imagine being able to roll out of bed at noon only to discover you’ve made a couple hundred dollars already! I truly do! I know that many of you who search for work at home opportunities are sick and tired of “schemes” that require you to recruit friends and family members, sit through seminars that last all night with only stale cookies to feed you, or that expect you to be some internet guru. Many of our resellers are unsure how to get started and about how much they can actually make, so I will show you how I started making money.

You can copy my exact steps just as if I were to give you an actual blueprint of what I did to become successful.  Of course, you can follow your own path & ideas!  By no means is what I did the only way to make this program work for you!  In fact, I am often still surprised and impressed at the ways other resellers make this work!  Genius!  Hopefully though, this information will inspire some of you to live off some of my ideas, hard work and effort.  I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon the right opportunity (out of the many other thousands) and profit from it immensely rather quickly.  But I’m pretty resourceful and a really hard worker.  Plus I’m required to state that everyone’s results may vary.  But….what I’m offering you is an opportunity to be able to copy my success.  This opportunity is 100% legit and you can do it from home anytime of the day at night on your own time!

My Story

I’ll spare you all the gory details – but my lowest point was after I got laid off of a job I had for 3 years, and I had to apply for food stamps to feed my kids.  And my wife was working at the time too.  There just wasn’t enough money to go around.  I was sick to my stomach about how this might affect my kids and being broke wasn’t helping my marriage either.  I was poking around online one evening and ran across this same opportunity you’re seeing now (without the benefit of this awesome letter, I might add!) in November of 2002.  I signed up instantly.  The next day I got an email with all the websites and info I needed to start reselling, so I began to get to work and began offering the vouchers to local companies.  They began buying directly from my site, some one at a time, then large orders, week after week!

I admit, I was shocked when I started seeing all these deposits in my account. It made me realize though that there’s a lot more where that came from! If I could make that starting out, what else was possible?  So that’s what I really began to work, and my income grew and grew.

​Let me ask you a few important questions before we get started!  Maybe you’re in the same place I was?

Are you sick and tired of scams? 

Do you need money right now?

Are you unemployed or retired?

Are you unable to work a regular 9-5?

Did you recently get laid off?

Are you getting belted by too many bills?

Are you a student that needs extra cash?

You’ll be glad to know that in order to get started, you don’t need to have any more skills than the average person. You can do this too!  You don’t need experience, you don’t need to know about SEO, and you don’t have to sell door to door.  Although this is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online, This is NOT a “Get Rich Scheme.”  Although, technically you CAN, if you get the right clients…

The simple fact of the matter is that TRAVEL is where the money’s at. It’s a billion dollar industry that is recession proof.  Everyone needs to travel – for work, or personal reasons, and those needs will never go away – you will definitely want to be a part of that!  Being able to help people travel at a discount, and relying on the fact that everyone loves & needs to travel – this is exactly what helped me pay the bills and get out of debt and it can help you too! It’s as simple as this – You advertise the website we give you, in any way that you want.  Businesses will buy from your site and give vouchers away by the hundreds to employees and customers.  Individuals will buy from your site and tell all their friends.  It’s as simple as that.

My First Buyer

Let me tell you about my first buyer.  I called upon a friend of a friend who owned a credit card processing company.  All day long, his 112 employees would call various companies and try to talk to them about changing their merchant services.  You can imagine how anxious these business owners must have been to drop everything and talk to strangers over the phone about their financial information!  I suggested that he invest in his business in a new way.  Rather than “hoping” someone would talk to the reps and wasting so many opportunities, I suggested the reps begin the conversation by offering the merchant a Vacation Voucher, just for a 10 minute appointment call.  By offering the merchant something in advance, before any commitment – it made the phone call far less intimidating, and was even perceived as a favor.   They began implementing the new strategy and soon reps were making and taking appointments all day long.  At the end of the first month, his company was closing 20% more deals than just 30 days before.  With 112 reps, and approximately 50 calls per day for each one, that’s 5,600 new potential customers that could be going on a great vacation!  For good measure, they gave the vacation away to everyone who listened to the rep – even if they didn’t switch!

This customer needed 900 vouchers his first 30 days.  His reps went through them like water.  He paid me just $5 per voucher, and I profited $4,500.   This money adds up quickly, especially if you sign up several different companies and have multiple streams of income coming in. 

Well that is exactly what I did.  In fact, I signed up so many companies and generated so much business, that Vacation Incentives Unlimited actually contacted me when I was still a reseller to ask what I was doing to generate so many customers!  This is essentially my “blueprint”. Nothing magical, just making contacts with companies. I sent out emails to new customers, called companies directly, and spoke to them about what incentives could do for their business!   ​Thus came & went my first interview, and here I am today!

Today, since I am obviously working here at VIU – I admit I don’t spend as much time as I could on my site (yes it’s still up, and no I can’t tell you what it is.)  But even without aggressively seeking buyers, I still generate a great income from my site.  Here is a screenshot of my personal PayPal account from January 2014.  (I whited out names as a courtesy for privacy.)  This screenshot shows one time payments as well as recurring payments made by clients that buy on a regular basis.  This only shows payments received from January 13th-30th, (only 17 days) and they add up to $1424.00!  My total income for January so far is $5,540.99.  


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This is a legitimate and incredible offer that you most definitely want to be a part of. There’s no losing here. No need to worry about not being able to make money. There are so many different money earning avenues available in this program it’s virtually impossible not to earn unless you just plain and simple don’t do any work. Then we can’t help you. However, I’m quite sure that’s not the case. You came to this webpage for a reason so I know you have the desire to make money, so here’s your chance.  This job offers you the freedom to do literally anything you want. You can relax and travel, just make enough to pay your debts, make enough to stay at home with your kids, or really get aggressive with your earning! Once you get your own system in place,  everything just runs itself.  You’ll forget you even have a job! There’s a lot of flexibility once you get the system going strong!

What Do I Have To Do?

You just have to advertise your site.  The more you get it out there, the more you make – it’s is as simple as that! You can advertise online, you can call or email businesses, charities, and more!  There are so many businesses and people that use these offers, the list is endless!

Things You’ll Never Need with this Opportunity

•You’ll Never Need To Recruit Friends or Family To Join

•You’ll Never Need To Store Products

•You’ll Never Need To Deliver Anything

•You’ll Never Need To Go Door To Door

Everything is already done for you!

I hope this page has been helpful for you!  Now all you need to do is sign up!  I wish everyone the best in their journey!


Matt Heard

Types of Businesses That Use Incentives


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Here’s an expanded list of business types and how they utilize vacation incentives to meet their goals!

business company photo

Mortgage Industry

Lead generator

Referral gift

Convert prospects to clients

Incentive to call for more info

Gift for re-financing a mortgage

Generate referrals from network

Maintain contact w/customers

Increase your credibility.


Lead generator

Referral gift

Convert prospects to clients

Incentive to send back questionnaire

Welcome client into their new home

Insurance Companies

Lead generator

Referral gift

Gift for a new policy written

Incentive to keep appt with sales rep

Incentive to send back questionnaire


Lead generator

Referral gift

Incentive to fill out questionnaire

Gift with purchase

Contest prizes

Special promotion giveaways

Gift for attending presentation

Sales closing tool

Appointment setting

Network Marketing & MLM

Gift for signing up as a distributor

Gift to people who book a home party

Referral gift to those who bring a guest

Gift to those who buy products

​or sign up for something

Special promotion giveaways

Drawings at home parties or meetings

Elementary Schools and Colleges

Energize fundraising efforts

Increase enrollment

Reward faculty and staff

business photo.jpg

Bulk Mailers and Mass Mailers

Incentive to call for more info

Incentive to buy products and/or use services

Car Dealerships

Create more showroom traffic

Sell upgrades and warranty packages

Close sales

Generate repeat business

Referral gift

Incentive for test-driving


Attract new depositors

Boost loan activity

Up-sell accounts and policies

Close the deal gift

Employee gift

Customer loyalty gift

Trade Show Companies

Booth drawing

Sales closing tool

Gift with purchase

Media Companies

Increase advertising revenue

Sell new subscriptions

Attract listeners

Increase sales

Gift with ad purchase

Incentive to sign up for eZine

Incentive to sign up for newsletter

Ebay Sellers

Use them as an added bonus w/ each auction

Reward for buying more than 1 item

Reward for using “Buy it Now,” button

Thank you for purchasing goods

Radio Stations

Prizes for listeners

Giveaways for contests

cust service woman

Travel Agencies

Referral gift

Gift for booking a flight

Gift for booking a cruise

Special promotion giveaway

Retailers and Manufacturers

Increase floor traffic

Increase in-store spending

Anniversary sales event

Customer retention gift

Extended warranty sales

Employee gift

Construction Companies

Lead generator

Referral gift

Gift for using your services

Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors

Referral gift

Give as a thank you for doing business.

Clubs and Associations

Refer a friend

Increase memberships

Renewal bonus

Member benefit

Service Providers

Gift for new clients

Gift when upgrading service

Gift for completing survey

MLM & Door-to-Door Companies

Recruiting Tool

Gift with purchase

Sales closing tool

Referral Gift

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Give as a gift for donations

Use as auction prizes during events

Now that you’ve seen an extensive list of how businesses use travel incentives, get started with your own business and provide these companies with a product they already use!

Visit www.VacationIncentivesUnlimited.com for more details!

How To Use Vacation Incentives To Improve Business



No matter what kind of business you have, our vacation certificates WILL motivate your potential customers to take action! If you sincerely want to increase your business, then you MUST offer a valuable incentive to get your prospects and customers to respond to your offer.

Generate More Traffic

How can you break through traditional advertising clutter? Create excitement that motivates customers? Attract new and repeat visitors to your store or Web site? You can do it all with an unlimited supply of vacation certificates by Vacation Incentives Unlimited! They’re an amazingly inexpensive, simple, and unique way to promote your products without cutting into profits.

Sell More Product

Do you want to create a lasting impression with your best prospects so they’ll buy again? Improve direct mail and ad response rates? Up-sell or sell multiple units without squeezing your margins? Vacation certificates add value and give your prospects an irresistible reason to respond — now. And after your customer enjoys a rewarding getaway thanks to you, you can be sure they’ll think of you the next time they’re ready to buy.

Close More Sales

High-ticket products and intangibles have the longest sales cycle and are tough to crack for even the most skilled salespeople. Travel certificates from Vacation Incentives Unlimited can help you clinch the deal or solidify a new business relationship. Travel certificates can make the difference between losing a sale & gaining a customer for life.

Reward More Employees

Your sales people and customer service representatives are your most valuable assets. And good talent is hard to find — and keep. Doesn’t it make sense to keep your employees motivated and happy? Travel certificates are an affordable, yet highly coveted reward for a job well done. Give your top performers a well-deserved break that leaves them well – rested and ready to return to a job they love. Vacation certificates are great recruiting tools too!

Do you want to:

Ensure a safe workplace?

Have a dedicated, loyal workforce?

Create a successful sales team?

Reward extraordinary service and your top performers?

Support perfect attendance and acknowledge milestones?

We all know a happy employee is a productive employee. But how many on your staff really look forward to another plaque on their wall or a $5 gift card? Now you have another option to offer. With Vacation Incentives Unlimited travel incentives, you can turn your entire team into top performers. If you are not already rewarding your employees with these out-of-the-box gifts, why not start now? You’ll be very happy with the results and your employees will never forget it.  Your team works hard all year. Show your appreciation by rewarding them with a well deed vacation.  While you’re at it, take one for yourself!

Visit www.VacationIncentivesUnlimited.com for more details!

How Sales Incentives Improve Your Bottom Line


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success team.jpg

As a business owner, you may be asking, “Why should I use incentives to get my people to do their job?!”  There is some validity to this question!

After all, if a sales person can outperform their previous record because of an incentive, shouldn’t they be able to do that all the time?   

The problem is that since salespeople are so focused on closing deals they often lose sight of staying focused on the daily activities needed to be successful in the long run. A salesperson may fully understand that they need to prospect to uncover sales opportunities that they can close next month or next quarter, but when they get busy on client calls trying to close deals and sending out proposals it’s easy to slip on prospecting.

This struggle to prioritize doing the right things day-in-and-day-out isn’t some whacky way that only salespeople operate. It’s how most people operate. For example, consider this question.  “If I really want to be healthy and live a long life, wouldn’t it be logical that I consistently eat well, exercise daily and effectively manage my stress levels?”  Just like salespeople, you know what you need to do — so why don’t you do it?  Everyone needs a little push!


Top 5 Reasons Sales Incentives Work

1. Salespeople are competitive
While lots of people are competitive, as a ratio you’re going to find a high proportion of salespeople that have that competitive fire. As a result, they will react very strongly to an opportunity to find out how they can get better. This may be by showing them where they stand relative to a target, or how they are performing relative to their peers.

2. Drives collaboration
If you are trying to motivate a behavior, you need a way to measure it, which often then results in some type of ranking system or leaderboard on how people are doing. For example, maybe you want to motivate your salespeople to move more sales opportunities to the “commit” stage. A great way to motivate this is to show a stack ranking of how many people are doing this effectively. As soon as a salesperson sees that leaderboard, they can see which of their peers may be doing better than them. While no competitive person likes to see other people higher than them on a ranking, today’s younger workforce looks at that as an opportunity to go learn from someone, which creates the in-team collaboration that so many companies desire.

3. Creates focus
Whenever you announce a special area of focus, it gets the entire sales team to turn their heads to understand what’s going on, and then they’ll shift their behavior slightly toward that behavior. Just by announcing that there is an action or behavior you want the team focused on, you incentivize salespeople to shift how they spend their time.

4. Adds energy and excitement
When a team is working to collectively focus in a certain area, say to get a certain number meetings in a given week, it creates something for the team to rally around. There is instant energy, excitement and camaraderie that kicks off within the team — and it’s all directed toward the behavior you want to see happening more often.

5. Rewards your salespeople with meaning
Salespeople chase dollars all day. So when sales leaders sit down and brainstorm incentives, it’s no surprise that cash immediately springs to mind. Cash rewards are easy, straightforward, and as the cliché goes, money talks.  
But is its language senseless babble? According to Ken Thoreson, president of Acumen Management Group and author of the book SLAMMED! For The First Time Sales Manager, cash incentives can lack meaning.

The hottest pick all around?  Travel.

Ken says, “Sales incentives are intended to convey a sense of reward, but that self-satisfaction doesn’t come through when a cash prize goes into a gas tank.  I am convinced that a family or group sales trip where qualifying reps and their spouses spend time together at a resort or on a cruise, is the best.  It builds comradery, pushes people to “make the club,” and provides the ego bump. I have seen this work in both direct and indirect sales organizations, and the cost of the trip is paid for by incentive sales above the normal targets. Many organizations think this kind of incentive is too costly, but they either don’t understand how it pays for itself or have never experienced the impact. In fact, for individuals or indirect sales organizations, if they hit an even higher pre-set sales target, they can extend their stay a few extra days.”

All great ideas Ken!  There are lots of ways that sales incentives can work within your team, give them a try now and find out how!

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